Why GPS Tracking Software Is Imperative For Fleet Tracking Companies?

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Fleet management is a tough job. It’s even more overwhelming when you cater to a wide client base across multiple cities. Once the driver is out of sight, you never know what’s happening with your car or whether he is being sincere with his designated duties. A GPS tracking software like GPSWOX comes to your rescue here. In fact, fleet tracking is an inevitable part of fleet management these days. The tracking software is designed to bring to you the details of data tracked by GPS tracker in an easily legible report.

Here is a brief on why GPS tracking software is the crux of fleet management.

Live updates on your vehicles and drive

The most important aspect of GPS tracking software is its live updates on almost everything on the vehicle and the drive. To start with, you will get real-time data on the exact location of your vehicle. This way you can check whether the target vehicle is on its designated location or somewhere else.

Added to location, the software will also provide the user live updates on fuel consumption, speed and distance traveled. Put simply, GPS tracking software will bring all the vital data about your tracked vehicle right on your fingertips even when you are physically miles away from the car.

Updated knowledge about your resources is fundamental to ensure an efficient management of your business. The same goes with fleet management. As the GPS tracking software keeps you informed about the current status of your resources (the vehicles), you can stay alert about any possible issue that might arise. Similarly, it further enables you to sort out the needed solutions for the potential problems before it’s too late.

Better handling of drivers

Next to vehicles, the drivers are the most important resource for any fleet company. But then, 1 in 3 fleet companies encounter rotten apples in the basket. It’s not uncommon for unethical drivers to wheel away the car for their own pleasure while the client is waiting for hours at the pick-up location.

Check on speed

GPS tracking software will eliminate all such worries for you. In fact, it has shown to benefit the fleet managers with better control on drivers. As mentioned earlier, such software programs will offer you live update on speed level and location of the car. If any of your drivers has the bad habit of speeding, you will be alerted immediately with concrete proof. Based on that evidence you can take the necessary steps with your driver. Improved driver habits will save you 5-15 percent on fuel costs.

Check on idling

Moreover, you will be able to set geofencing where specific locations are marked beforehand. The user receives instant alerts the moment his vehicle leave or enters these locations. For example, you can put geofence on pubs or bars on the route to be covered by your vehicles. If a driver checks into a specified pub instead of the required pickup location- you will immediately get to know about it.

Drivers will keep their bad habits on check

When your drivers will know that they are being monitored through GPS tracking software, they would themselves keep them in check. In today’s age of recession, nobody exactly dares to lose the job.

Helps with cost savings

No inflated bills

All fleet managers have faced inflated fuel bills from fraud drivers but couldn’t counter strongly before given lack of proof. Thanks to GPS tracking software programs, this is not the case anymore. Such software programs will give you complete data on distance traveled and actual volume of fuel consumed by the car. You will get full report on that with date. In case, you notice any discrepancy in the fuel bill extended by the driver you can check it with the actual driver. If the data do not match, you can always charge the driver on account of inflated bill based on the report presented by the tracker software. Such a facility will prevent the unwanted waste of money on bloated bills.

Lesser risk of accidents

Moreover, GPS tracker software also helps with cost savings by cutting down on expenses caused from on-road collisions of your car. Road accidents are common when a driver is not mindful about speed limit. But when the driver is under constant monitoring, he will be careful about proper speed which will prevent on-road accidents and also the related liability expenses.

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