TTIP is abandoned for uncertain period

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will not be signed at this stage, announced the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her meeting with US President Barack Obama. Agreement will be temporarily abandoned after the election of Donald Trump for president of the United States, as he signaled several times that does not support the signing of TPTI.

“We have made great progress in the negotiations, but it will not be signed now”, said the German Chancellor. She added that probably someday both sides will again return to the agreement.

During the talks between Obama and Merkel in Berlin was raised the issue of the political future of the German Chancellor. The US President spoke very highly of her and said that if he was a German citizen, would support her candidacy.

However, Merkel is not sure that will candidate for fourth mandate as Chancellor. Angela Merkel, is leader of Germany since 2005. Expectations are that within days will officially be announce whether she will fight for another term. Her close associates already commented that Merkel will try for the fourth time to win the election and remain in office.

According to the latest polls there is slight decline in support for Merkel’s conservative party. If the election were today, it will raise 32% of the votes of Germans. The result is a 1 pp lower than survey in early November. Center-left Social Democratic Party, part of the ruling coalition will receive 23% of the vote, or by 1 pp more than in the previous poll. The Green Party also increased its support to 13%, while the anti-immigrant “Alternative for Germany” lost 1 pp 12% of the vote.

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